There are two possible systems for player injuries in Strat-O-Matic Baseball 365. For the vast majority of leagues, the Standard Injury System is in effect, but there is an alternate, optional Super-Advanced Injury System available for certain player sets that may be used on a per-league basis. By default,

Standard Injury System (standard for all sets except Baseball Daily)

All Strat-O-Matic Baseball 365 leagues use the Standard Injury System, with the exception of 2015 Season, 2016 Season, and 2017 Baseball Daily leagues who have explicitly chosen to play with the new Super-Advanced Injury System.

Read the full details of how the Standard Injury System works.

Super-Advanced Injury System (standard for Baseball Daily)

The Super-Advanced Injury System is an alternate system that's currently available for the 2015 Season, 2016 Season, 2017 Season and 2018 Baseball Daily sets only. It is on by default for Baseball Daily leagues unless explicitly turned off on when a new league is created (in which case the Standard Injury System would be used).

Read the full details of how the Super-Advanced Injury System works.