The Lineup Depth Chart interface is the standard way to set your team's default lineups in SOM Online. It also allows you to set up to 2 backups for each fielding position who will be used in the starting lineup in case of injuries.

The backup system works exactly the way as it does in the CD-ROM game.

You can set one lineup that is used whenever your team faces a left-handed starting pitcher, and one versus right-handed starters. These lineups will be used exactly as you set them unless one or more your players is injured, in which case our game engine will either use the backups you've set, or it will improvise using its own lineup logic. If you don't set a lineup, or leave blank spaces in it, it will do its best to create a reasonable lineup.

To set your default starting lineups

First, choose the 8 players that should start at each fielding position, plus the DH if appropriate, by selecting their names in the each of the pulldown menus. Then, arrange your lineup into your desired order by dragging and dropping each slot into its correct position.

To set backups

You may assign up to 2 backups for each fielding position in each of your default lineups. Click on the "backups >" link next to a position to reveal the pulldown menu for its first backup. Click on the next ">" to reveal the second backup's pulldown menu.

How backups are used

The first thing to note is that the backups system only comes into play at the start of a game, when starting lineups are being determined. It does not affect in-game substitutions.

In the case of an injury to a starting player, the computer manager will attempt to substitute one of the backups (in priority order) for him at the start of a game. If the first backup happens to be in the lineup already, it will attempt to shift that backup to the injured starter's position and play the backup's backup. To illustrate:

Sample depth chart
2B: Chase Utley (backup: Freddy Sanchez)
SS: Freddy Sanchez (backup: Bill Hall)

At the start of a game, if Utley were unavailable to play, the computer manager would try to insert his first backup, Sanchez, into the starting lineup at 2B. Since Sanchez is normally the starting SS, the computer would play his backup, Hall, at SS, so that Sanchez can slide over to play 2B.

At present, although the system is able to perform multiple, separate shifts in the same lineup, it can only handle one level of a given shift. In other words, using the above example, if Hall happened to also be in the starting lineup already (e.g. in CF), instead of moving Hall to SS, it would pull someone from the bench to replace Sanchez.