It's late in the game, the score is tied, and the opposing team's slugger is at the plate. First base is open but you're not convinced you should issue an intentional walk. Now's the perfect time to use the new "Pitch-Around" strategy! This strategy will cut the offensive player's power and batting average down dramatically. However, using this strategy will also dramatically increase the chances that you will walk the batter.

The pitch around strategy may only be used from the 7th inning on when there are 2 outs, first base is open and the tying or go-ahead run is on base or at bat. When the pitch around option is available the message "PitchAround" or "PA" will appear on the screen around the pitcher's mound. To pitch around a batter click on the icon used for intentional walks or select the "Int Walk or Pitch Around" menu item. You will then be asked if you wish to intentionally walk or pitch around the batter.

See the Maximum Rules page for more information.